Installer Console

Geothermal installers have access to the GxTrackerTM console view. The Installer Console allows installers to view and manage all their installations from one place. From the console view, installers can see the health status of their installations and can link directly to the energy dashboards where operation metrics and data are shown.

Map of monitoring sites

When an installer has multiple GxTracker installations, all sites are displayed in a convenient map view.

 Alert conditions displayed on map view

Using a Google Map format, the Installer’s Console shows all monitored installations in a single view .  The GxTrackerTM issues an ALERT (red symbol) under the following conditions:

  • Routine Maintenance Due – The GxTrackerTM will issue a Routine Service Maintenance Alert when the GSHP has run for a user-specified amount.  Examples of routine service include water flushing and air filter changes.
  • Low loop temperature – If the entering water temperature (EWT) drops below a user-specified threshold, the GxTrackerTM issues an alert.
  • High loop temperature– If the entering water temperature (EWT) rises above a user-specified threshold, the GxTrackerTM issues an alert.
  • Recommended Service Call – If the heat pump is operating but no geoexchange is occurring, the GxTrackerTM issues an alert that a service call may be necessary to investigate and correct the issue.   Additional alerts can be custom configured based on installer requests.

Installer can easily access data from all sites

From the console, installers can directly access the following data for their installations:

  • Dashboard — data about an installation’s geoexchange rates (BTUs exchanged with ground) and renewable thermal energy equivalents for user-specified time periods
  • Settings – information about the GxTrackerTM installation, GSHP system (heat pump make and model, loop and building information) and alert settings.
  • Savings – cost and carbon savings for user-specified time periods
  • Data – graphs of GxTrackerTM data for user-specified time period
  • Export CSV Data – raw GxTrackerTM data for user-specified time periods exported in a spreadsheet or comma separated variable (CSV) format
  • Export Daily Summary – daily summaries over a user-specified time period of computed heating/cooling degree days, daily values of BTUs exchanged by each heat pump, net daily BTUs heat or cool exchanged, kWh total and kWh of the loop pump(s), and daily total runtimes of each heat pump and all heat pumps collectively

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