New Hampshire Recognizes Geothermal Heat Pump System as a Renewable Energy Facility

Matt Davis  -  Dec 10, 2014  -  Comments Off on New Hampshire Recognizes Geothermal Heat Pump System as a Renewable Energy Facility

Today, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission approved Rolling Dog Farm as a Class 1 Thermal Renewable Energy Source, the first geothermal system to be recognized under the State’s new thermal renewable energy program. The renewable energy produced from their 6-ton geothermal heat pump provides heat to the Dog Wing — the living quarters for dozens of rescue dogs. Rolling Dog Farm, located in Lancaster New Hampshire, is a nonprofit that specializes in caring for disabled dogs. The revenue generated by the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) will help offset a small portion of the operating costs.

In March of 2012, the New Hampshire legislature added useful thermal energy produced from the ground as being eligible for Class 1 RECs. After a lengthy rulemaking process, the final rules adding renewable thermal energy from geothermal, solar, and biomass sources were recently approved and adopted. The NH Public Utilities Commission is now actively reviewing applications for renewable thermal facilities. An earlier post describes the New Hampshire thermal REC program in more detail and implications for geothermal heat pump system owners. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has also recently added renewable thermal to their Alternative Portfolio Standard and are preparing to begin the formal rulemaking process.

As the new thermal REC program becomes established, Ground Energy Support has been approved by the NH PUC to provide both metering equipment and Independent Monitoring services. If you have a geothermal heating system in New Hampshire that went into operation on or after January 1, 2013, you can learn about how your geothermal heating system can begin earning thermal RECs here.

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