GxTracker Monitoring Systems provide geothermal professionals and homeowners with real-time information about the performance of their geothermal heating and cooling system.

It is interesting to follow the data and understand what the system is doing. … Love this information, wish I had known about it before – I am really glad I installed it. — Steve H., Homeowner

Your system has been absolutely crucial in helping me monitor problems as they occur, right at my fingertips. Doing without it would be like driving a car without any gauges. — Pete W., Homeowner

Well, more “kudos” to Ground Energy Support. I just got a call from my installer who will address this issue. Again, thanks so much for everything. –Joseph P., Homeowner


Monitoring Kits

Core Components

  • GxTracker Ethernet Gateway and AC power adapter cable
  • 7-ft ethernet cable
  • Two (2) on-pipe temperature sensors
  • RJ-11 cables and connectors

System Requirements:

  • At least 3/4-inch exposed metal on ground loop waterlines
  • An always-on internet connection

Hardware Accessories and Upgrades:

  • Kits available for monitoring up to 2 additional heat pumps
  • Flow sensors available for monitoring flow


GES software gives users a look at the current and past performance of their geothermal heating/cooling system. Monitor
  • Geoexchange: A summary of energy extracted from (heating) or rejected to (cooling) the ground.

  • Data Graphs: Fluid temperatures, flow rates, BTUs produced and electricity usage.

  • Savings: Cost and carbon savings relative to heating and cooling with other fuels such as electric resistance, fuel oil, natural gas and propane.

  • Performance: Current operating conditions and summary performance metrics.



  • Monitor ΔT (Calibrated temperature sensors)
  • Measure electrical consumption of heat pump, loop pump, and auxiliary heat
  • Best for dual and variable-stage heat pumps
  • Power consumption accuracy: ~ +/- 10%

Power Monitoring Hardware

  • Magnelab split-core current transducers (2) for heat pump and auxiliary heat
  • VDC to 1-Wire Converter with 12-ft cable

Hardware Accessories Allow Monitoring of:

  • Up to 2 additional heat pumps
  • Hot water desuperheater
  • System flowrates
  • WiFi Gateway allows monitoring where a hardwired ethernet connection is not easily available
  • Live Site

GXTracker Current Transducer Diagram

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