Monitoring and verification of an installed heat pump

The GxTracker™ provides residential and light commercial ground source heat pump (GSHP) users with an affordable,  easy-to-install monitoring and verification system that shows real-time data about the heat transfer and environmental and cost benefits associated with their GSHP heating and cooling system.

The GxTracker™ can be readily installed onto an existing heat pump.  System monitoring and verification will help you:

  • Track entering water temperature (the leading indicator of performance) and get email alerts if entering water temperature goes outside of user-specified limits.
  • See your GSHP system performance with BTU production, electricity consumption.
  • Show your carbon offsets calculated from actual operating data and accounting for your local electric grid carbon intensity.
  • Work more effectively with your installer if service calls are necessary.   Data graphs can be shared with installer so they can see a record of system operating conditions to help diagnose problems, should they arise.
  • Share your success with family and friends who might be interested in geothermal heating and cooling.

The GxTracker™ can be customized to meet your monitoring needs.

  • Up to 3 ground source heat pumps (water-to-air or water-to-water)
  • Three options for tracking electrical usage
    • Measure heat pump runtime anduse manufacturer specifications to model kWh.
    • Measure current and compute kWh by multiplying by voltage (assumes power factor of 1).
    • Submeter electricity consumptions using a WattNode┬« with pulse output.
  • Three options for tracking flow rate:
    • Use constant design flow rate (most common)
    • Measure flow with a vortex shedding flowsensor
    • Meter flow with a pulse output flow meter.

See Live Demo sites.

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